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Intrinsic Functions relevant to Work Assignments/Job Placements

Intrinsic Functions relevant to Work Assignments/Job Placements An intrinsic function of a job is a function which, if it could not be performed, would mean that the job could not be carried out.


Example 1 Mary applies for a job as a care assistant at a residential care home. An intrinsic function of the job, without which the job cannot be done, is the ability to help lift and physically support residents. The employer can ask Mary questions relating to disability and health to find out if Mary is capable of lifting and physically supporting residents. This is because lifting and physically supporting residents are functions intrinsic to the job.


Other examples of intrinsic functions relevant to work assignments/job placements

• Can demonstrate that they are literate and numerate e.g. an employee as a Classroom Assistant.

• Is able to interact well with other colleagues and understand and carry out instructions e.g. a Classroom Assistant.

• Has good organisational and keyboard skills and remains focused under pressure e.g. a Qualified Teacher.

• Can see clearly: e.g. a Classroom Assistant or Qualified Teacher.

• Is able to work with chemicals without any adverse skin or breathing problems e.g. a Science Teacher.

• Can hear clearly e.g. a person who teaches a musical instrument.

• Is able to partake in physical activities e.g. a physical education Teacher

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