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Education Recruitment Specialists 
Pushing the Boundaries 
About Us

Founded in 2018, with the aim of improving children’s education through having the best possible Educators available. Long-term Teachers has grown to be the go-to agency for Long-term and Permanent positions.

We're proud to have the highest standards of Compliance. We maintain a dedication to compliance ethics and professional standards. 

We're fully Independent. In a world of large corporate companies, we can give truly independent advice and put our Educators first. For us its personal.

Pushing the Boundaries 

What it means for us
Long-term Teachers was founded to improve standards in Education Recruitment, 'Pushing the Boundaries' in everything we do.
To break the mould and improve Trust, Reliability, Accountability, Candidate Care and Overall E

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We offer...
  • Long-term supply roles

  • Permanent jobs

  • Day-to-day supply 

  • Guaranteed pay schemes

  • Transparent & higher pay rates 

Proud To Be A Teaching Agency you can TRUST


Primary Roles
Secondary Roles
SEND Roles
Nursery Roles
SLT Roles

Long-term Teaching and Support:


Kirsty Howells

Longterm are amazing from the start! They get you registered as quick as possible! They keep you updated on the latest and want to hear your feedback...They have helped me realise what my calling is. I cannot fault them! Thank you Matt, Beth and the rest of the lovely bunch involved!
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